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ICECE Work Group Innovation Centers in Central and Eastern Europe

Dietrich, Franz; Fiedler, Heinz; Nagy Peter: The Concept of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers
ISBN 3-925191-34-8 (10/1996)
44 Seiten, 3 Abb., Gh., EUR 8,20

Did you ever hear of a "technology center" or an "innovation center"?
Do you want to know, what a "business incubator" is?
Are you interested to know what those centers offer for start-up companies?
Are you looking for an instrument to effectively promote regional economic development?
The answer to these questions might be found in the first publication of the new series ICECE-FOCUS. This brochure summarizes practical experience and approaches to define the Terms used all over the world with different meanings. The authors – all with many years of experience in this field – want to provide "newcomers" with some basic understanding about the process behind "business incubators". At the same time experienced professionals might find some new aspects and are invited to respond with their views and comments.
ICECE-FOCUS is a new series of ICECE publications aimed at providing professionals in the field of business incubation, entrepreneurship and regional economic development with actual information. Additionally these publications are prepared to serve as a basic for further discussion. The booklets of this series will provide actual status quo reports, describing a step in a development process –rather than final results or conclusions.

ICECE-FOCUS is a forum for discussion.